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Summer holidays in Diakopto acquire an exciting dimension when combined with water activities. Most beaches littered majority of fine sand and small pebbles - have organized facilities for all sorts of water sports that offer moments of relaxation and fun in the "active" visitors. So wear a pleasant mood and explore the map of marine fun on the switch.



Beach soccer

beach volley


sea bicycle



water skiing

sub - fishing


surfing and wind surfing

kite surf


It's easy to understand then that day is not enough to enjoy the crystal clear waters and staying at the switch and the wider region.


The snow that “freezes” the shoulders of Chelmos gives skiers …ticket to surrender to the pleasure offered by the balance on the ice.

In 1988 began operating the ski resort in Xirokambos, located 14 km from the lovely town of Kalavryta. The upland site was utilized to his advantage was the snow, and the wonderful slopes of Helmos which is largely covered by fir.

The Ski Centre is located on the north side of Helmos at an altitude of 1,650 to 2,340 meters. Operate seven (7) Lifts (2 beginner, 2 and 3 type chair lift) with a total transport 5,000 people per hour, which serve 12 pistes of all levels total length of 20 kilometers. Also features tracks cross country ski, ski mountaineering trails and paths running and climbing.
There are three buildings host skiers and visitors for relaxation, coffee or food.
Parking areas are comfortable and have First Aid station, equipment rental shops and ski school.

The Ski Centre is open daily during the winter, which lasts from mid December to late April. Visitors reach the center of 100,000 during the winter period and are mostly young and all levels of skiing knowledge.

Hiking – Mountaineering
If you have forgotten what it was like walking and even in idyllic landscapes and very healthy climate, it is sure to Kalavryta will remember and hard to resist the temptation to cross walk areas where it reaches the roar of cars.
This is a wild beauty that will reward you and will do good to your health.
Hikers and climbers experienced or novice will find solutions to the mountains of Kalavryta, which are full of myths, beauty and fun obstacles for those who like the tough climbs.

The village can be Kertezi climb to the top Three Women (1795m.), following a ravine that leads to the summit ridge and in 2 ½ hours.
For trekking and mountaineering you need only suggest two things: Distribution and attention. And above all, organization.


If you are interested in … on high acquaintance with the town of Kalavryta, you have ample room choices!
Whether amateur or disposal championship, flights in the sky of Kalavryta gliders recent years more and more people.

Takeoffs are made from the Ski Centre on antennas, intended landing or to the Valley of Lushan either and the Kalavryta Memorial National Paligenessias.

The Air Sports, or by placing amateur championship in recent years attracting more and more fans of this sport in the sky of Kalavryta, since the positions available are many. So if you want to enjoy paragliding, do not hesitate to visit the mountains and enjoy!




Kayak – Rafting – Cycling

Ladon River can be considered one of the most difficult in Greece, but is offered for beginners. In conjunction with the fascinating wilderness area is one of the privileged for kayaking and rafting. Good – evil, experienced instructors Navy Sports Club Daphne (N.A.O.D. – Tel  6937 952 787 ) guarantee you a safe descent. Areas on Ladon River and Lake Ladonas offered for Cycling.

Rafting Erymanthos

The river Erymanthos … runs continuously throughout the year. With him, they run and the athletes who rafting exkinontas from Tripotama the City Aroanias reach the Ancient Olympia Covering 40 km through some amazing scenery. The fairest way is Tripotama to position Vidiaki.



Off Road 4 × 4 trails
Kalavryta – Kalavryta Ski Center – Lake Tsivlou
Kalavryta – Kalavryta Ski Center – Telescope Aristarchus.

They are two of the most popular routes that the friends of offroad car love.

For journeys up suitable jeep, because the road is in very good condition. While all along the route the beauty of nature will reward you and confirm your choice for exploring the surrounding area of Kalavryta.

Kalavryta – Kalavryta Ski Center – Lake Tsivlou, Total distance is 30km.

Kalavryta – Kalavryta Ski Center – Telescope Aristarchus, Total distance about 25km.


Odontotos Rack Railway

The Odontotos Rack Railway Diakopto – Kalavryta and memorable ride through the canyon unsurpassed beauty Vouraikos are one of the most beautiful monuments of our country and has been described as the most spectacular railway line in the Balkans.

Beside the train tracks a path previously chrisimopoiousan the local inhabitants, today is marked with the symbols of the European Path E4 and used by Greek and foreign hikers. The path to the download takes about 6 hours to upload and about 7 to 8 hours.

Every year on the third Sunday in May organized by the Association of Mountaineering and Skiing Kalavryta, Greek Passage involving hundreds of climbers and hikers.

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