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We believe that human capital is an important chapter in the development process of our company. Therefore, the concern for the health and safety of our staff is a key part of the wider corporate policy and philosophy of A-B Alexopoulos. The company policy on health and safety at work takes into account the structure and organizational structure of the company and reflects the set of standards to ensure best practice. The main objectives of this policy are:

- Integration of health and safety at all levels of administrative functions and decision-making in the company hierarchy.

- Continuous updating and training of human resources in the field of health and safety at work, to participate actively in the global effort to prevent and protect.

- Assessment and control of risks through appropriate assessment of occupational hazards and take the appropriate protective measures.

- Promote continuous improvement of the working environment, combined with the preservation of our resources and the third estate in the workplace where it operates the    A-B Alexopoulos company.

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