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 KENAK institutionalized the integrated energy planning in buildings to improve their energy efficiency in buildings, energy saving and environmental protection, with specific actions:

-Elaboration Study Energy Efficiency Buildings Establishing minimum requirements for energy performance of buildings

Rank-Energy Buildings (Energy Performance Certificate)

Energy-Audits of buildings, boilers and heating and air conditioning

Study Energy Efficiency Buildings replace the insulation and study to be prepared for each building (over 50 m), new or existing is reconditioned radically based on a specific methodology which states:

a) the minimum coverage requirement of the building in terms of design, the building shell and the electromechanical installations and

b) in comparison with the reference building. As a reference building means building with the same geometric characteristics, position, orientation, use and operating characteristics with the test building but meets minimum standards and has defined specifications.

The Energy Performance Certificate is valid for ten years and for all buildings with a total area of over 50 square meters, new or existing subject to major renovation, existing building area of over 50 square meters or portions thereof when sold or leased, and all public buildings and public sector. Requiring Energy Performance Certificate when buying and selling and renting implemented by January 9, 2011.

The Energy Performance Certificate includes, among others, the results of the evaluation of the energy inspector and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building, so that consumers are able to compare and evaluate their actual consumption and any opportunities for improving energy efficiency. The issuance of the certificate is mandatory.

The energy audit is an important tool for the diagnosis of energy status of existing buildings and the potential for improvement, and the implementation of legislation on the energy performance of new buildings. The private energy inspector, who will join Registry Energy Ministry's Inspectorate inspects the building and ranks in energy category, based on the ratio of consumption of the building to the consumption of the reference building.

The check for the correct application of the legal framework will be made by the Special Inspectorate Energy, established the Special Secretariat for Inspection & Energy Ministry's staffed with employees and the public and broader public sector.

The benefits from KENAK is economically, socially and environmentally. The economic benefits relate primarily to reduce operating costs and maintenance costs of the buildings, but also in the revival of building activity. The social benefits are creating new jobs and improving the quality of life and environmental benefits related to reducing emissions, especially carbon dioxide, with a significant contribution to combating climate change and energy saving.

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