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For the structural design of our homes are built of reinforced concrete, have fully implemented the Greek Regulations for Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Works (EKOS-2000) and Greek Seismic Regulations (EDC-2000) all amendments up to and today.

Based on the above regulations, the concrete quality C20/25 is selected and the armature is selected from nefrochalyves S500s weldable according to Standard EN 971/94 and B500C according to Standard EN 1421/2005.

All our buildings, have  selected special type Spread footing foundation or general koitostrosis (radian). The rigid foundation types are ideal for soils of our region. Constitute a guarantee of good behavior towards the building earthquake loads according to RDI-2000.

For all new buildings will be constructed with building permits after October 2010, institutionalized the mandatory implementation of the Building Energy Efficiency Regulations (Gazette K.En.A.K. 407V/9-4-10). That is, for each building will be approved Study Energy Efficiency (ACE), and at the end of the construction will be issued the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The ARC classifies building energy class on a scale from A + (zero energy) to H (energy inefficient). Based K.En.A.K., new buildings should compulsorily be made with such requirements in order to be classified at least in category B.

All our buildings constructed after the enforcement of K.En.A.K. have approved ACE, and those have been completed ARC classifies as Category B in accordance with the regulation.
The thermal insulation of the building is now a part of the Study of Energy Efficiency (ACE). The plain belongs in Climate Zone B. To cover the required area for the thermal insulation of buildings using extruded polystyrene insulation for both the skeleton of reinforced concrete, but rather on the walls. Extruded polystyrene is the most tested material for long-term durability and good behavior to external conditions.

Another important factor in our buildings classified in Category B as provided K.En.A.K. is the correct selection and placement of external window frames and glazing. For this reason we choose heavy series aluminum with thermal break and double glazing. For the entrances of homes, choose security doors with fire protection and insulation.

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