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The construction company A-B Alexopoulos begun its operations in the construction industry  15 before . Our company has completed dozens of projects with  huge success. All our constructions are made at selected sites with particular architecture which is in complete agreement with the style and character of the area.

The dozens of satisfied customers, place us at the top, thus giving us the pleasure to meet our goal. Creating the ideal home for you, perfectly following schedules and deadlines, staying loyal to the highest level of quality and at the same time helping the local community to develop brought us in the position to see our vision come true.

With an emphasis on harmonization of design with the environment and the respect of it, reducing the energy footprint of each project, the building quality ,the reliability in delivery time, and following the requirements of modern architecture, the company has built dozens of projects selected sites.

Acting always with vigor and enthusiasm we  became number one in sales in our field. The many years of activity in the construction industry combined with the enthusiasm that governs us,  gives you the opportunity  to own your unique home.

Permanent and holiday houses for sale, independent modern houses with their own plot at Aigio beach , Diakopto,  Punda beach,  Akratas beach, Elaionas and the mountainous region of Kalavryta.




Diakopto -  Aigialeia


Achaia - Peloponisos


Mobile: 6945776821(24hour service)

Tel: 26910 41802

Fax: 26910 43695