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The main concern of the staff of AB Alexopoulos is customer satisfaction by providing high quality real estate services and putting into practice the most demanding and complex structures dictated by modern architecture.

Providing expert advice at all stages of the construction of your project and organized network of technicians AB Alexopoulos which responds quickly to any technical difficulties arise after the sale (after sales service) make the difference for us.

From the Department of experienced engineers that carefully consider and plan each possible solution to meet even the most demanding projects, economic development section and section offers telephone service,

to the production department that leverages the capabilities of most modern machinery and strict specialization, all company's human resources work for you.

1. The primary concern of our company is the safety of  the buildings, taking into account newer anti-seismic regulations of the Greek state, as well as all existing building codes.

2. Second concern the housing is adapted to the increased demands of the modern man. The buildings stand on the most  privileged locations, meet all the needs of  modern architecture, use all the ergonomics of the interior and exterior design and quality and environmental friendly materials are used. We work with the largest and most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of materials from Greece and Europe with guarantees  and really skilled craftsmen which are fully qualified in their field.

 In AB Alexopoulos we improve your quality of life.




Diakopto -  Aigialeia


Achaia - Peloponisos


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